Sweet Simple Success! 

Fundraise with Goodway Gourmet Bakery


Sweet Simple




Success made simple

Say goodbye to distributing, collecting, and mailing in order forms!

Our hassle-free fundraising program can be done with little to no effort.



Coordinating has never been easier

Raise funds by asking your members and supporters to order our delicious made from scratch products.

Orders and payments have been streamlined by a simple purchase code unique to your organization!  

You can earn up to 30% from every purchase.

It is as simple as that!



Our Experience

Goodway Gourmet Bakery has supported educational, religious, charitable, and non-profit organization fundraising efforts for over 40 years.


Preview available products on our shop page.


It is a Good Day to Start Fundraising with Goodway!

Call us at (518) 273-2091 or email info@goodwaybakery.com for more information!


*Ask about customizing your product offerings!

**fundraising products may not include any item currently on sale by Goodway Gourmet Bakery

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