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Our Founder

Goodway Gourmet Bakery developed from a passion to help deserving students across the country obtain an affordable, quality education. Driven by a mission to provide scholarships to one of the few remaining African American boarding schools, Elder John Massey, Jr. developed a culinary curriculum to help further their education.

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 An Investment in Education

Purchasing one of our delicious, made-from-scratch products helps us educate students. Our baked goods are made fresh daily and contain no added preservatives or artificial ingredients. Taste the difference!

Working hand in hand with RCA, Goodway Bakery gives every student an opportunity to invest in their own educational process and realize the personal sacrifice it takes to be successful. Through RCA's Career Development program at Goodway Bakery, students have the opportunity to excel in practical skills such as food preparation, baking technology, packaging, culinary arts, and sales and marketing. 

When you purchase something from Goodway Bakery, you are making an investment in the education of our students

Learn More

Contact us to learn more about the RCA Culinary program. 


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