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Unveiling our Mini Rum Cake Variety Packs, choose between a 3 or 4 pack! Prepare to surrender to your mini indulgence with these adorable personal-sized delights. We're delighted to offer both three and four-pack options, allowing you to create your own assortment of beloved flavors. These mini rum cakes are a true fusion of convenience and luxury, providing you with a delightful treat that's perfectly sized for your enjoyment. Whether you're pampering yourself with a sweet moment of indulgence or searching for a delightful gift that speaks volumes, our Mini Rum Cake variety packs are the answer to your cravings.

Each bite of these personal-sized treasures is a journey into a world of flavor, and with the variety options available, you can savor your preferred tastes to the fullest. It's a delightful way to treat yourself to the little pleasures in life or to show someone special how much you care. So why wait any longer? Give in to your cravings and elevate your moments with our Mini Rum Cake variety packs today!

Non-GMO Pure Cane Sugar, Cake Flour, Canola Oil, Butter, Brown Sugar, Milk, Heavy Cream, Eggs, Rum, Corn, Syrup, Pure Vanilla, Baking Powder, Salt

(made in a facility that processes wheat, peanuts, and other nuts)



Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Dairy, Gluten

Instructions / Storage

How long do the cakes stay fresh?
With the exception of the Chocolate  Rum and the Malibu rum cakes, our cakes will remain fresh for 3 weeks in a cool location.

The Chocolate Rum and the Malibu Rum cakes should be refrigerated if not eaten within a few days.


Can the cakes be frozen?

Yes, the cakes may be frozen and thawed at room temperature.


How long will shipping take?
Our cakes are made fresh per order. We allow ourselves up to 72 hrs to bake them. We ship via UPS and the time frame is generally 1-3 days.

Special event orders, including birthday cakes require at least one week advance notice. 
Express shipping is available at an extra cost calculated by UPS.

Here are three fun and creative ways to use your Mini Rum Cake Variety Packs. 

1. Gourmet Gift Baskets:
   - Assemble gourmet gift baskets with a selection of Mini Rum Cake varieties, along with complementary items.
   - Pair each Mini Rum Cake with a small bottle of rum or a flavored liqueur for a complete indulgence.
   - Add some gourmet coffee beans or tea bags to create a coffee or tea lover's dream gift.
   - Include a personalized note or greeting card to make the gift extra special.

2. Personal Snack Packs:
   - Create your own personal snack packs by placing a few Mini Rum Cakes in resealable snack bags.
   - Add a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips for a customized snack mix.
   - These snack packs are perfect for on-the-go indulgence, picnics, or as a sweet treat in lunchboxes.

3. Wedding Favors with a Twist:
   - Make your wedding memorable with Mini Rum Cakes as unique wedding favors.
   - Package individual Mini Rum Cakes in elegant, personalized favor boxes.
   - Include a note expressing your gratitude for sharing on your special day.
   - You can also customize the flavors to match your wedding theme or colors.

These creative ideas turn your Mini Rum Cake Variety Packs into versatile treats that can be enjoyed as gifts for various occasions, as convenient personal snacks, or as distinctive wedding favors that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Mini Rum Cake Variety Packs

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